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Dell is in the EMR Software business…

Dell has Electronic Medical Records?

It's not surprising to see large corporations getting involved with Electronic Medical Records. Since the announcement of federal stimulus funding, large corporations who want to add to their riches seek ways they can put that guaranteed money in their pockets.

I can't help but to ask myself, is this really the best way for stimulus money to flow? What was the purpose of the stimulus funding again?

Will large corporations like Dell improve the economy by consuming as much stimulus money as possible? Will their marketing engines actually destroy small companies who have been in the business for years and years?

Does Dell still have award winning support right out of India?

There is no question, the EMR Software community seems to have a rocky road ahead: figuring out exact standards, who defines those standards, and what the stimulus requirements are exactly.

Dell offers EMR Software solutions which is supposed to provide a simpler way forward, and this might be true with a company such as Dell. If they are committed to actually providing decent software and the support to go along with it, then perhaps Dell is a good choice in this confusing marketplace.

However, if large corporations just get a sense of "stimulus funds" and want a piece of the pie, then it's possible in a few years they will lose interest in it and cut back on the support that's truly needed. What, this isn't a possibility?

I feel that as your company searches for an EMR Software solution, you should consider what the future might be when the stimulus cash windfall is over.

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Maria Austin