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Writing SEO Titles & Descriptions

Writing good SEO Titles, Descriptions, and content for your pages isn’t as simple as you might think. Yet, it’s not as difficult as you might expect either, as most of the techniques are common sense and are really geared at keeping you focused on delivering good content.

Create titles that fit Google search results. In other words, Google easily fits 65 characters into their search result title. So, you have 65 characters to focus your title on the keyword in mind, writing a clear message to the person searching those keywords. Draw their attention. Make your title more for them.

The description can be controlled by using the meta name=”description” tag in your HTML header. Google’s search result description easily holds 150 characters of text. This means you have 150 characters to deliver a person centered message to the user searching your keywords. That’s marketing potential that shouldn’t be wasted after obtaining your rank.

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